Our Values

A culture of community, caring and innovation shapes our connection with you


Our values are pretty simple. We want to protect your overall wellness and reduce dental and health care costs with quality, affordable dental coverage.

And for 40 years, we’ve done it standing UNITED:

  • Unbeatable customer service
  • Nationwide care
  • Integrity-driven
  • Team-focused
  • Employee innovation
  • Dental health research


Reaching out to neighbors. Changing lives.

Improving our members’ oral health isn’t enough. We’re out there in the communities where we live and work, helping at-risk adults and children who need access to good dental care and supporting local organizations and students.


Making health care easier

From breakthrough research on the link between oral and overall health to industry-leading mobile and online tools like our United Concordia dental mobile app, we’re making dental benefits easier for members, one smile at a time.


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