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K-12/Higher Education

The smart choice for dental benefits


For over 45 years, United Concordia has been providing school districts, colleges and universities with quality dental insurance that keeps educators healthy – and productive.

We're the choice of more than 460 education clients across the country, including the nation's second-largest school district with over 66,000 insured employees. Some of our education clients – including several nationally recognized universities – have stayed with United Concordia for more than 23 consecutive years.


Plans that help keep teachers in the classroom

Each year, nearly 30% of public school teachers are considered chronically absent. That means they miss more than 10 days of work due to sick and personal leave.1

When it comes to oral health, dental issues cause employed adults to miss 164 million work hours a year.2 And students themselves are three times more likely to miss school because of dental problems.3


The high cost of missing school4

Teachers are your most important asset. And when they miss school due to medical, dental or other factors, both students and your bottom line are impacted.

  • Decreased student outcomes
  • Lowered math achievement
  • Disrupted student-teacher relationships
  • Increased stipends for substitutes
  • Higher administrative costs


Your oral wellness partners

Not everyone understands the impact oral health can have on the entire body. It’s why we’ve hired a team of experts who can help teach employees about the importance of oral health – and how to use their dental benefits to stay healthy. Similar to health coaches in the medical insurance industry, our unique Oral Wellness Consultants can help:

  • Coordinate your overall wellness efforts
  • Develop strategies to improve oral and medical wellness
  • Create and implement results-oriented wellness programs
  • Drive on-site oral health engagement opportunities
  • Help employees maximize their dental benefits


Always a network dentist nearby

Teachers need convenient access to dentists, so they miss less time in the classroom. With one of the nation’s largest networks, educators can find high-quality care at affordable prices from dentists within 10 miles of home or work. So it’s easy to make appointments during lunch or other breaks.


Helping families afford college

As proof of our commitment to education, our plans include the College Tuition Benefit®, a feature that helps families save for college.

Each year employees are covered by United Concordia, they'll earn Tuition Rewards® points redeemable for tuition discounts at more than 400 participating private colleges and universities. So you're able to offer richer dental benefits that help families alleviate their number-one financial worry – the cost of college.


Finally, dental insurance that’s easy

We make dental insurance simple for you to administer. And easy for your employees to use. Our simple implementation process makes onboarding quick and painless for new clients. And our Account Management Portal (AMP) streamlines enrollment, billing and other administrative tasks. Our client services team offers superior support in person, online and over the phone—when you need it most.


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4 Center for American Progress; Teacher Absence as a Leading Indicator of Student Achievement; Nov. 2012

5 Gallup Financial Concerns Survey; 2015

6 Role of Maternal Periodontitis in Preterm Birth; Frontiers in Immunology; February 2017.


Tuition Rewards® is a Registered Trademark

SAGE is not a subsidiary or affiliate of United Concordia Companies, Inc. or its carriers listed above. Subject to eligibility requirements and terms and conditions. Tuition Rewards are a value-added program and not an insured benefit. Program participation subject to enrollment with SAGE. “Points” are credits that may be used to discount the cost of Tuition and have no cash value. UCIC does not provide services related to this program. Tuition Rewards not available in all jurisdictions. Program subject to change without notice.