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Oral Health for Adults | United Concordia

Adults: Take Charge of Your Oral Health Now

Minor dental problems can lead to major health concerns. But you have the power to stop it.



Work. Expenses. Family. With all the things you have to worry about as an adult, your dental health might not be high on the priority list. Or maybe you’re just afraid of the dentist.

But good oral health can have a major impact on your quality of life. Both now and as you age.


Great health starts with a healthy mouth

Problems in your mouth can lead to problems in the rest of your body. When you understand the link between oral health and overall wellness, you can better protect yourself and your family.


The bacteria in your mouth

If you’re not brushing and flossing like you should, the bacteria in your mouth builds up, producing acids that wear down your teeth and lead to periodontal (gum) disease.

Untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss, diabetes and other serious health conditions.


Oral health: More than just teeth

Oral health is also about the condition of your:

  • Upper and lower jaws
  • Gums and supporting tissues
  • Chewing muscles
  • Roof of your mouth
  • Linings of your mouth and throat
  • Tongue
  • Lips
  • Salivary glands

Other oral health concerns include toothaches, facial pains and oral cancer.


5 steps to great oral health

You probably already know this stuff. But reminders hurt less than dental problems.

  1. Brush twice a day
  2. Floss once a day
  3. Quit smoking
  4. Limit sweet snacks
  5. Visit your dentist regularly


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