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Oral Care & Disease Prevention | United Concordia

Learn Proper Oral Care for Disease Prevention

Want healthy teeth and gums? The basics of oral health care start here.


Care & Prevention

Years ago, someone probably nagged you about the importance of good oral habits. Now may be a good time to thank them. Why? Because the mouth and the body are connected. So much so that gum disease may be linked to serious conditions like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Read more in United Concordia’s recent study on oral health and diabetes.

While you’re probably a pro at taking care of your mouth, it never hurts to brush up on oral health basics. So check out these refreshers to keep on smiling!


  • Brushing—How to properly brush your teeth
  • Flossing—Learn the right way to floss
  • Gum care—Why gum care prevents disease
  • Toothbrushes—Tips for keeping your toothbrush clean
  • Lip care—How to take care of your lips too


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