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Common Dental Emergencies | United Concordia

Common Dental Emergencies

Temporary fixes for a broken tooth, lost crown & other tips for relieving mouth pain


Ouch! When your mouth hurts, relief can’t come fast enough. While you should always call your dentist, physician or local emergency room if you have an oral health “9-1-1,” here are some short-term fixes for common dental problems if you can’t see a medical professional right away.


Tips to avoid dental emergencies

Preventing an emergency is always easier than dealing with one. So here are a few common sense tips for avoiding dental mishaps in the first place.


While driving

Use seat belts and car seats: Medical and safety experts agree that wearing seat restraints can significantly reduce the risk of trauma in an accident.


Playing sports

Wear appropriate safety equipment: New, custom-fit mouthguards and helmets can help you protect your teeth, gums and jaws when playing sports.


Around the home

Use closet latches, corner guards and safety gates: These items help you (and children) avoid falls and other accidents in the home.


Keep your dentist's contact information handy

Remember, time means everything during a dental emergency. The quicker you can get a hold of your dentist, the better chance you’ll have to minimize damage and reduce pain.