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How to Build a Dental Emergency Kit | United Concordia

How to Build a Dental Emergency Kit

Be prepared for sudden dental “uh-ohs.” Make a first aid kit
for your mouth.


Dental emergencies happen. While you’re traveling. During exercise. And if you’re a klutz, even just walking into a room can be dangerous.

If an emergency does happen, it’s important to find a dentist right away. If that’s not possible, a well-stocked dental emergency kit can help you deal with pain, bleeding and other problems until you can see a dental professional.

Here’s what you’ll need to make one:

Cotton swabs

Use to clean the area or as applicators

Cotton balls

Use to help control bleeding

Alcohol wipes

Use to clean and disinfect area

Dental floss

Use to dislodge food particles stuck between teeth

Dental mirror

Use to view inside of mouth

Latex gloves

Wear to assist someone other than yourself (use vinyl gloves if allergic to latex)

Dental wax

Use to coat sharp edges of braces wires or other orthodontia

Temporary dental filling material

Can be used to temporarily fill a tooth where a filling was lost


Apply to dislodged crown and slip back over tooth for temporary seal


Combine with water to rinse out mouth if cheek, gums or tongue are injured (also can use a pinch in water to transport a knocked-out tooth to the dentist, if milk is not available and tooth will not easily go back in socket)

Cold compress

Use to reduce swelling

Arrange everything in an airtight container and keep in a handy place where you can quickly get to it if you need to.


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