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Resources for Oral Health Nutrition | United Concordia

Eating Well for a Healthy Mouth


While most people know that healthy food fuels a healthy body, they may not think about nutrition that benefits their teeth and gums. Certainly, you have heard of some basic rules – sugar is bad, calcium is good – but you may not be aware of hidden problems lurking in seemingly innocent options like bottled water.

Explore these oral health nutrition resources to learn more about the food, beverages and supplements that lead to a nutritious and balanced diet for oral wellness.

The most abundant mineral in the body is an important building block for strong teeth and bones.

Tap water for healthy teeth – is it really that simple?

Eating a balanced diet supports whole body health and that includes your oral health.

Are sugars and acids sneaking their way into your diet through the drinks you choose?

Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol that provides excellent dental benefits. Learn how to get more in your diet.

Good (and not-so-good) diet choices for a healthy mouth
Make healthy decisions for your oral health with this easy-to-follow guide.