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Dental Claim Submission, Payments & EOBs | United Concordia

Dental Claims, Payments, ERAs & EOBs

We make it easy to submit dental claims, get paid and see your EOBs


Dental Claims Submission

While all dental offices need to get claims into insurance carriers, not all dental offices and insurance carriers do it the same way. That’s why United Concordia is offering guidance to ensure claims submission to us is easy.


Submitting Electronic Dental Claims

Imagine your dental office with less paper, and you getting paid more quickly. These are just some of the benefits of submitting dental insurance claims electronically. The first step is to get a National Provider Identifier (NPI) that will help ensure your patients’ information stays secure.

  • Speed eClaim®—submit claims and see real-time updates with our free tool


Using Paper Claim Forms

If you still prefer to use paper claims, that’s fine too. Just complete the American Dental Association (ADA) claim form according to our claim form instructions and mail it in. Or, if you need to refer a patient to a specialist, complete a specialty referral form.


Things you should know about submitting claims

Some claims require x-rays. When submitting dental insurance claims, please keep in mind that some services require x-rays to be sent with the claim. A listing of services that require x-rays can be found on our Diagnostic Materials Requirement Chart within our PPO Dental Reference Guide.

More details are available in our frequently asked questions on claim submissions.


Payments & EOBs

Never worry about running to the bank with a paper check again. Set up a secure EFT and we’ll send your money right to your bank. That way, your staff can focus on your patients, not on depositing checks.


View your payments and EOBs

How much was that last payment I received? Where can I access an EOB? These questions can all be answered quickly in Payments & EOBs, which provides easy access to a list of your recent checks and EOBs.


Other useful tools

Self-help videos to provide guidance on submitting claims

See how easy it is to submit claims electronically

Why you need a National Provider Identifier (NPI)

Get paid faster with EFT

Quickly view your payments and EOBs