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Access Payments, ERAs & EOBs | United Concordia

Access Payments, ERAs & EOBs

A convenient way to view your claim payments, EOBs and predeterminations all in one place and automatically post claim results


Accessing your payments and EOBs online, anytime

We make it easy for you to track what you are paid and when, to view your EOBs and to access predeterminations, at your convenience.

  • View payment summaries for all offices associated with a Tax ID
  • Review payments in detail
  • See EOBs for paid and non-paid claims
  • Access multiple EOBs and/or checks per office per cycle
  • Look over up to seven years of data
  • Save all the information to your office computer

This useful feature is available to all dental offices, and this information can even be viewed on Saturday, after the regularly scheduled Thursday cycle (except potentially on holidays, etc.). And if you don’t have it already, you’ll need to download the free Adobe® Reader to view this content.

Payments & EOBs


Get the ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) from United Concordia Dental, through your clearinghouse/vendor

Get finalized claims information sent back to your office automatically.

  • No need for your office staff to type in finalized claims
  • Eliminate the risk of entry errors by office staff
  • Secure transaction ensures privacy

To receive the ERA from United Concordia, ask your clearinghouse/vendor to submit a request on your behalf.

What if you don't receive your ERA?

If the clearinghouse/vendor has confirmed your office is ERA enabled but your ERA has still not arrived, you should contact your clearinghouse/vendor.

Get claims payments sent directly to your bank account

Set up Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and get paid faster, and reduce administrative hassles for your staff by eliminating the need for them to handle checks. Learn more about EFT


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