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checkMARC® Special Offer | United Concordia


checkMARC® Special Offer for United Concordia Dentists!

BlueLight Analytics Inc1. ( is a technology company that specializes in the evaluation and use of dental curing lights. BlueLight’s checkMARC service, available through selected manufacturers, ensures that dentists’ curing lights are performing as required, enabling dentists to avoid the risks of over-heating soft tissue and tooth pulp, and the numerous clinical problems associated with under-curing (e.g., reduced bond strengths, and increased discoloration, fracture, wear, secondary decay, replacement and/or post-operative sensitivity).2,3

Through their alliance with United Concordia Dental, network dentists can qualify for a free chair-side checkMARC® Service to confirm that their curing light is performing to specification and verify that their light curing protocols align with the requirements of their resin composite. Don’t take your curing light for granted! Half of all clinical revenue includes the use of light-cured dental materials.4 An under-performing curing light can cost you time and money, and reduce patient satisfaction and referrals.

BlueLight Analytics’ unique checkMARC service was used in a recent study of ~1,000 curing lights in 400+ dental practices in 18 North American cities.5 In 30% of cases, for the time they were used, dentists’ curing lights were delivering less than half of the blue light energy dose required by their preferred resin composite. This would cause their restorations to be significantly under-cured.

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1 BlueLight Analytics' technologies are used by leading dental manufacturers, including Dentsply, 3M ESPE, Ivoclar Vivadent and others, as well as leading dental schools in 18 countries. Over 80 studies have been completed using the company’s specialized instruments.

2 American Dental Association Professional Product Review: Effective Use of Dental Curing Lights: A Guide for the Dental Practitioner, Vol 8-2, July 2013

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4 American Dental Association Survey of Dental Services Rendered

5 International Association for Dental Research: Curing Light Outputs, Protocols and Composite Requirements at 422 Dental Offices, #3400, March 2015