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GradFin | United Concordia



United Concordia is committed to offering our network dentists a variety of ways to save both time and money. To address the complexities of student loan debt, we are pleased to collaborate with GradFin, a leader in comprehensive student loan solutions and education.

GradFin can help United Concordia network dentists save money and reduce student loan debt by providing free one-on-one consultations with their financial experts to determine ideal loan financing and consolidation strategies. Their vast knowledge of student loan repayment and refinancing options in the market today, as well as their ability to match borrowers with 11 flexible third-party lenders, makes GradFin an invaluable resource for anyone with student loan debt. In fact, GradFin borrowers save an average of $38,000 over the term of their loans!*

The GradFin program is a fantastic way to save money through student loan refinancing, consolidation, and new loan origination services. They understand that each borrower’s student loan situation is different and that loan types can vary. GradFin focuses on helping each borrower through a personalized approach tailored to their specific situation.

View a short video overview of GradFin’s services.

To learn more and schedule your free 30-minute phone consultation with a GradFin financial expert, visit or call 1-844-GRADFIN.


*Average savings over the lifetime of a loan. GradFin internal research; 2020.