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Informative tips to simplify claim procedures and processes


United Concordia Dental is committed to making the claim submission process easier for your dental practice and the patients you treat. We’re providing select resources to help you understand claim processing and procedures to make it simple, quick and efficient. When you submit claims that are complete and meet our requirements you’ll save precious time.

Avoid delays when submitting claims by watching these video tips.

Single Crown, Onlay, Buildup & Post & Core Claims

3:05 | Transcript



Scaling and Root Planing Claims: Getting it Right

3:12 | Transcript

Claim Submission Guideline Tips

5:26 | Transcript



Electronic Claim Submission Tips

4:50 | Transcript

Coordination of Benefits Tips

2:57 | Transcript


Save Time and Use Online Tools To Get Patient Information

Take back your time with MyPatients’Benefits. With this online tool, you can find patient benefit information, eligibility, allowances and claims status faster and easier than ever before. If you already have an account, log in now to begin using these new features immediately. If you don’t have a MyPatients’Benefits account, create one now.

Submit Claims Electronically for Faster, More Efficient Processing

United Concordia is an advocate of electronic claim submission which is more efficient, accurate, secure and cost effective than paper claim submission. Most software practice management systems have electronic claim validation processes that ensure your claims data is accurate and complete prior to submission, resulting in more timely claims processing. And with just a click of a mouse, you can submit all your electronic claims to multiple payers. Additionally, there is an audit trail that allows for the tracking of electronic claims from when they leave your office to receipt at the payer. We recommend that you contact your dental software company or claims clearinghouse to get more details on getting started with electronic claim submission as soon as possible.