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Join the Dental Network | United Concordia

Join the United Concordia Dental Network

Partner with one of the nation’s largest dental insurers to ensure you have a profitable business


Why participate with the United Concordia Dental Network?

We’ve been focused on dental for nearly 50 years, and now with nearly 9 million members, we’ve got the right numbers to help keep your chairs full and the right experience to help keep your office running smoothly.

  • PPO and DHMO networks
  • Free advertising for your dental practice on Find a Dentist—our online provider directory that makes it easy for our members to find a dentist like you, by specialty, location and network.
  • EFT available to get paid faster
  • Efficient claims processing
  • Easy-to-use online tools
  • Discount pricing on sterilization monitoring
  • Free vision discount program for your staff
  • Dedicated Network Service Representatives—dentists can contact their regional dental network service representative directly if they need assistance!


Simplify office tasks with easy-to-use online tools

  • MyPatients’Benefits—Find Maximum Allowance Charge (MAC) schedules, claim status and other benefits information to help you manage patient care
  • Direct Deposit—get your paychecks deposited directly to your bank account with Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Electronic claims submission—submit for free with Speed eClaim®


Discounts for Dentists

United Concordia participating dentists have access to a variety of discounted services that will save offices time and money, such as website design and marketing, continuing education courses, lab services and more!


College Tuition Benefit® (CTB) Program Available for Participating Dentists, Family and Staff!

United Concordia has collaborated with SAGE Scholars to offer college tuition benefits to participating dentists, their family members and registered office staff, free of charge. United Concordia’s College Tuition Benefit® (CTB) program allows United Concordia participating dentists and their office staff to earn points that can be applied toward college tuition for registered student family members at over 400 participating private colleges and universities.


Smile for Health®- Wellness

Smile for Health® – Wellness is a unique program designed specifically for members with certain health conditions that have been linked to gum disease. Smile for Health® - Wellness can make it more affordable for members to receive the proper care by covering additional procedures needed to keep their mouth as healthy as possible, which in turn may help members see improvements in their overall health.


Contributing to the community

Join our network and you can lend your time and talent to those in need. Every year, United Concordia Dental works with dental offices and dental schools across the country to provide free dental care to the underserved.


How to Become a Participating Provider

To be eligible to participate in United Concordia’s PPO networks, a dentist must:

  • Hold an active, valid license to practice dentistry in the state(s) in which they practice
  • Complete a United Concordia or state-specific Credentialing Application
    • Any negative responses to the attestation section of the United Concordia application will be investigated
  • Demonstrate a utilization review pattern acceptable to United Concordia
  • Hold current professional liability insurance
  • Have no current sanction, termination or other peer review action by a professional review body, state dental board or Health and Human Service (HHS)
  • Hold an active unrestricted federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) certificate, if applicable


How do I join the United Concordia Dental network?

Just give us a call at 1-800-307-8514 to discuss our network options and which are right for you.

Join online once you’ve completed the Credentialing Application and Agreement.

Join Online


Network Participation Guidance

Once you are in possession of the appropriate network enrollment material, refer to the Network Participation Guide document for guidance on how to complete and the required supporting documentation to provide to ensure your paperwork is processed expediently.


Credentialing Simplified with ADA Credentialing Service CAQH ProView®

United Concordia utilizes the ADA credentialing service, powered by CAQH ProView®, the electronic solution and industry standard trusted by more than 1.4 million providers for capturing and sharing self-reported professional and practice information. The service is fully electronic and developed to make it easier and faster to submit and maintain credentialing information at no cost to United Concordia participating dentists.

CAQH ProView is available to any U.S. practicing dentist (ADA member or non-member) to help streamline the credentialing paperwork, allowing more time to spend with patients.

Click here to get started with CAQH ProView!

If you have already created your CAQH ProView account, follow these tips to ensure that your current information is accurate.

  • Login to CAQH ProView to update and re-attest to your CAQH profile every 120 days.
  • Replace expired documentation with new items.
  • Leave no gaps in your work history for the most recent five years, or list the reasons for any gaps as appropriate (e.g., leaves of absence, maternity leaves, illness, etc.).
  • Ensure that a current copy of your liability insurance is attached to your CAQH profile.
  • If you have selected organizational-specific access, please grant access to United Concordia when requested.


Notice to Physicians and Providers in Texas

Dentists interested in participating in United Concordia’s Concordia PLUS DHMO network may submit their request in writing to:

United Concordia Dental Plans of Texas
Attn: Professional Relations
5956 Sherry Lane
Suite 510
Dallas, TX 75225

Or by fax to:



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