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Electronic Services for Dentists | United Concordia

Electronic Services for Dentists

Everything you need to conduct business with United Concordia Dental, all at your fingertips


Patient information

We understand that you often need to review your patients’ benefits information, and how much of their deductible has been paid. Now you can access all that and more, in one place.


  • Review benefits
  • Check claim status
  • View maximums/deductibles
  • See fee schedules
  • Access procedure code information

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Electronic claims

Submitting claims electronically saves your dental office time and helps you get paid faster. And, using our free online tool can save you money as well.

Speed eClaim®

  • FREE electronic claims submission to United Concordia
  • Quicker processing means you get paid faster
  • Real-time explanation of benefits
  • Instant online editing and resubmission
  • Daily reports of claims submissions
  • Reduced telephone calls, faxes, stamps and paperwork

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Payments & EOBs

View your paychecks, access EOBs and manage your finances through our online tools.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Get your paychecks deposited directly into your bank account.

  • Get your money faster
  • No lost checks
  • Reduce administrative time for office staff
  • No waiting in line to deposit checks

 Payments & EOBs

  • View claims payment summaries
  • Review payments in detail
  • Access EOBs for paycheck-related claims

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DHMO reports

Dentists participating in our DHMO network can see reports on capitation and eligibility.

  • View a roster of members assigned to your office
  • See monthly capitation amounts
  • Review each member’s copayment schedule

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