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Update Your Profile - Dentists - United Concordia Dental

Update Your Provider Information

Quickly change your dental office’s information online, anytime


United Concordia offers dental offices secure access to view current practice data and to submit requests for expedited updates to most of the data:

  • Dentist names and IDs
  • Specialty
  • Office locations
  • Open/closed status (accepting new patients)
  • Languages spoken
  • Disability access
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • National Provider Identifier
  • ...and more!


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The fields available to view and/or update include:

Data Field View Update
Provider Name checkmark checkmark
Provider ID* checkmark  
NPI Number checkmark checkmark
NPI Type checkmark checkmark
Specialty* checkmark  
Practice type (individual or group)* checkmark  
Mailing address* checkmark  
Associated provider* checkmark  
Practice address checkmark checkmark
Telephone number checkmark checkmark
Fax number checkmark checkmark
Email address checkmark checkmark
Open/Closed status (accepting new patients) checkmark checkmark
Disability access checkmark checkmark
Languages spoken checkmark checkmark
TIN/SSN* checkmark  

*Provider Data Online cannot be used to update this field due to the complexity of the change. For example, verification may be required by United Concordia and/or the change may affect other offices. Please submit changes to these fields by faxing your request to Provider Data Management at (866) 223-2770.

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