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Automated Tools Offer DHMO Benefit Info | United Concordia

Automated Tools to Offer DHMO Benefit Information

Effective April 1, dentists and dental office staff can use our automated tools to request eligibility and benefit information for DHMO members. By using our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system and MyPatients’Benefits online tool, dental offices will allow our Customer Service representatives more time to respond to complex inquiries from their staff.

The IVR is easy to use and reduces the length of telephone calls—just call DHMO Dental Customer Service at 1-866-357-3304 and follow the automated prompts. You can choose to listen to the information over the phone or request a response via fax or mail.

MyPatients’Benefits provides secure, online access to member information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can access the tool by selecting MyPatients’Benefits in the Dentists section of our website.

Both the IVR and MyPatients’Benefits will continue to be available for inquiries regarding United Concordia PPO members.