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VerifPoint/Credentialing | United Concordia

VerifPoint/Credentialing Solutions and United Concordia Re-Credentialing


United Concordia began utilizing the services of VerifPoint/Credentialing solutions around 3 years ago for our DHMO network, as well as limited PPO activities in VA, LA and NH. We continue to utilize VerifPoint to collect necessary documentation for our dental provider network continual credentialing process, which helps ensure compliance with mandated regulations.


Please note the following updates to United Concordia’s Credentialing process:

  1. Services with VerifPoint/Credentialing Solutions have been expanded to include PPO participating providers.
  2. To comply with URAC requirements, United Concordia will utilize VerifPoint to contact the provider for an application/attestation and current copy of their professional liability coverage.
  3. This contact will re-occur every three years to maintain URAC compliance

These collection activities will further qualify and distinguish the credentialing paperwork requirements for provider offices, as VerifPoint/Credentialing Solutions is a centralized Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO) for a number of carriers.

To help facilitate United Concordia’s ongoing credentialing process, we ask that you promptly respond to VerifPoint/Credentialing Solutions requests by completing and returning all forms and providing clear copies of necessary documents. Please note that all requested information will remain confidential.


About VerifPoint/Credentialing Solutions

VerifPoint Services is a nationally recognized credentialing verification organization that offers nationwide medical, dental, vision and other healthcare credentialing related services. The company credentials in all 50 states and all healthcare disciplines.

VerifPoint/Credentialing Solutions is fully certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for all recognized elements of credentials verification.

  • For more information about VerifPoint/Credentialing Solutions, please visit:
  • For more information about United Concordia’s URAC Accreditation, please visit our media center

Please note that VerifPoint/Credentialing Solutions is not affiliated with United Concordia and is purely responsible for its own products and services.