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CA DHMO Language Assistance Program | United Concordia

CA DHMO Language Assistance Program

Participating dental offices can view information on this CA law


California law requires health plans to provide free language assistance services. This assistance includes the translation of vital plan documents into Spanish, as well as a provision for interpretive services in any language. As a result, all provider contracts issued, amended, delivered or renewed must require compliance with the plan's Language Assistance Program (LAP) effective April 1, 2009.

If a patient is unable to effectively respond to routine questions asked by your office staff in English, the patient will be considered a Limited English Proficient (LEP) enrollee and you may contact United Concordia for interpretive and translation services, available at no charge to you or the enrollee. To avoid communication complications, you may verify your patient's language preference on MyPatients'Benefits prior to scheduling his/her appointment.

  • Provider Notice - Pursuant to California law, United Concordia established a Language Assistance Program, which provides for the translation of certain plan documents into Spanish and interpretation services in any language regarding dental treatment. United Concordia surveyed its California members to determine their spoken and written language preferences. If you would like to know your patients' language preferences, you can call United Concordia at 1-800-332-0366 or access MyPatients'Benefits.

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  • Enrollee Notice - This notice should be posted in a highly visible location in your waiting and treatment rooms.
    Get Help Now Notice (English) PDF icon
    Get Help Now Notice (Spanish) PDF icon 
  • Language Capabilities Disclosure Form - Participating offices are required to inform insurers of the languages fluently spoken by office staff. This information must also be submitted on a quarterly basis to ensure that members seeking care have access to up-to-date information.
    Download Language Capabilities Disclosure Form PDF icon 
  • Request/Refusal for Interpretive Services Form - If you treat an LEP member, this form should be completed and placed in the member's dental record.
    Download Request/Refusal for Interpretive Services Form PDF icon 
  • Grievance/Dissatisfaction Form - If you treat a LEP member who wishes to file a grievance, this form should be provided in the member's language preference.
    Grievance/Dissatisfaction Form (English) PDF icon
    Grievance/Dissatisfaction Form (Spanish) PDF icon


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