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Register for Account Management Portal | United Concordia

Registering for the Account Management Portal

Step 1 -  Activation Key

In order to create an account and gain access to the Account Management Portal, a special Activation Key is required. This special Activation Key is sent to you via email by United Concordia Dental.

If you have not already received this email invitation, please contact us at 1-888-320-3316, option 4, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET. You can also email the following information to

  • Policy Maker First Name
  • Policy Maker Last Name
  • Policy Maker Phone Number
  • Policy Maker Email Address
  • Your recipient number which is located on your invoice

Account Management Portal Instructional Overview pdf icon

This PDF will provide you withdetailed registration informationand an overview of AMP.

View the Account Management Portal Flyer pdf icon.

Step 2 - Invitation Email

Once we have received the information above, an email invitation will be generated. This email invitation will outline how to register for the Account Management Portal and will be sent to the Policy Maker of your company. This email will be sent from with the subject line: Confirm Your Access to United Concordia's Account Management Portal.

A Policy Maker is someone who can enter into a legal relationship with United Concordia and holds the responsibility for agreeing to, and signing legal documents on behalf of the company.
NOTE: If you are not the Policy Maker, but need access to the application, please coordinate with your company's Policy Maker to have them add you as an additional user once their registration process is completed. (See below).


Step 3 - Add Users

Once the account has been activated, the designated Policy Maker will be able to easily add subordinate users to the account. These are the individuals who will be using the software on a regular basis, and are typically Human Resources staff.

Get Started Today!

Contact us at 1-888-320-3316, option 4, to get started with Account Management Portal.