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Group Dental Insurance Plans - United Concordia Dental

Group Dental Insurance Plans

Affordable and flexible plans to meet your needs

Find the Right Plan for Your Company

Check out our Dental Plan Navigator tool which guides you to plans that may be the best fit for your group based on your plan interests and the product features you are looking for.

Or You can browse by category to view our plans and options:

Traditional Plans

Traditional plans offer comprehensive dental coverage and flexible plan designs that can limit a member’s out of pocket expenses.

Value Plans

Smile for Health Value plans give you a choice of different PPO plan designs that cover more dental services members use most, plus vision discounts, all while maintaining an affordable rate and high-quality oral care you’ve come to expect from United Concordia.

Innovative Solutions

Unique plan designs that focus on oral wellness, member choice and reducing overall costs.

Health Care Reform

Solutions for current and future reform needs to complete your small business benefit package.

Why United Concordia Dental?


Our Plans

Whether you have 2 or 20,000 employees, our dental plans can meet the specific needs of employees. For over 40 years, small, mid-sized and large-sized groups have relied on us for dental plans that focus not just on oral health, but overall health too. We have offered dental plans that combine affordability with flexibility. That means you can build a dental-benefits program that gives employees the right coverage, the right network at the right price.



United Concordia Dental offers Active PPO, Passive PPO and DHMO plans in a variety of funding alternatives. PPO plans let members see any licensed dentist providing a difference between in and out-of-network savings, while DHMO1 plans can offer cost savings with an in-network only plan.


Optional features and Non-Traditional Plans

We are focused on improving the oral health—and overall wellness—of our members. That’s why our wellness products encourage members to improve the health of their entire body through preventive dental care.

We offer optional enhancements that encourage members to seek preventive care.

  • Smile for Health®-Wellness – An innovative program that helps people with certain chronic conditions get improved benefits to help treat their gum disease.
  • Smile for Health®-Value Plans – Lower cost than traditional dental plans that provide 3 options and pair dental and vision benefits.
  • UCElect – Members choose the plan that is right for their life and employers choose the plan that is right for the bottom line.


Large Dental Networks

United Concordia offers one of the largest national2 dental networks in the country. Our national networks offer attractive discounts3 and abundant access to participating dentists. And using a network dentist can maximize employee’s benefit dollars by getting more services before reaching an annual maximum.

  • 9 out of 10 United Concordia network dentists provide discounts3 for non-covered services
  • 35% average discount with our Alliance Network4
  • Over 97,000 Unique Dentists at 330,500 access points nationwide with our Advantage Plus 2.0
  • Rigorous review ensures quality care from all network dentists


Want to learn more about group dental plans?

Talk to your producer about United Concordia Dental plans today, or call your local United Concordia sales representative to find out more.


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1 Not all products are available in all areas.

2 Statewide service area not available in all states.

3 Where permitted by state.

4 United Concordia internal data 8/15.