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Pediatric Dental Plan Add On | United Concordia

Pediatric Smart Savings (add on)

Pediatric Smart Savings allows groups to save on their rates by removing duplicate preventive coverage.

Pediatric Smart Savings Rider reduces premium costs for pediatric members under the age of 19 that have their dental coverage embedded in a medical plan. If the embedded pediatric dental benefits meet the Essential Health Benefit (EHB) mandated requirements, then Pediatric Smart Savings removes duplicate preventive coverage for these members.


Smart Savings Access

The rider can be added to any traditional PPO dental plan and allows members age 19 and older to receive quality dental benefits from their regular or any licensed dentist. It is designed to remove duplicate preventive dental benefits for members under the age of 19 while providing access to additional services without meeting a high deductible. Groups will receive on average a 7%–9% rate reduction for contract types that include children under the age of 19.



  • Members over age 19 maintain their dental benefits
  • Members under the age of 19 can receive dental services without having to satisfy a medical deductible or pay double for preventive services
  • For members under the age of 19, basic and major services will be covered under the standalone dental plan.
  • Two versions of the rider available to allow groups to select the option that will closest match the preventive services included as a part of their embedded dental coverage through medical carrier



  • Reduction in standalone dental premiums
  • Virtually no disruption to member’s current benefits or network
  • Members under the age of 19 will be covered under medical plan and standalone dental plan without being subject to medical plan deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums
  • Provides groups with embedded pediatric dental benefits with their medical carrier the ability to receive a discount on their standalone dental premium