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Pregnancy Benefit | United Concordia

The Pregnancy Benefit

Improved Dental Coverage During Pregnancy

At United Concordia Dental, we recognize the impact of oral health on the overall health of pregnant women and their babies. That’s why most of our dental plans contain improved coverage for women during their pregnancy. The Pregnancy Benefit is added coverage to your dental plan that provides an additional preventive and periodontal service to treat gum disease—a common oral condition that develops during pregnancy.

Your employees must activate this coverage by creating a My Dental Benefits account and identifying their condition.


What does the Pregnancy Benefit offer?

The Pregnancy Benefit includes one additional dental cleaning and a periodontal maintenance service. It also includes surgical procedures needed to treat gum disease. See benefit summary below.


Pregnancy Benefit

Cleaning-one additional during pregnancy 100%
Periodontal Maintenance-
one additional during pregnancy
Scaling & Root Planing
Periodontal Surgery-four procedures*

*Four procedures related to gingival flap or osseous surgeries


  • Full coverage for one additional cleaning during pregnancy
  • Full coverage for periodontal services, including surgical procedures, for those who are pregnant
  • No waiting periods



  • Improved benefits to help make periodontal services more affordable
  • Increased awareness and education about good oral care habits and their positive effect on oral health