Healthy Stages

The Healthy Stages plan is a unique dental benefits solution designed for people who have a history of good oral health. The plan provides simple, affordable coverage for commonly used services needed to maintain healthy teeth and gums through any stage of life. It is best suited for people who don’t have a need for comprehensive and expensive dental plans.


What does Healthy Stages offer?

Plan benefits offer coverage for essential preventive and basic dental services for people as they grow older. It is a good value alternative for cost-conscious employers and can be used to round out a PPO dual-option plan. Its niche plan design is also an inexpensive benefits solution for employers who have never offered dental insurance or who are considering cancelling dental coverage.



  • Full coverage for preventive services
  • Age-specific benefits for common oral care services
    • Under Age 16
    • 16-49
    • 50
  • No waiting period.
  • Discounts on non-covered services provided by a network dentist*
  • Large national network



  • Members save money or don’t have to pay for exams, cleanings or x-rays
  • Predictable oral care services by age
  • Members can use dental benefits immediately
  • Members save money using a network dentist on services not covered by plan
  • Members can find a dentist nearby wherever they live or work



* Where permitted by state.