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Frequently Asked Questions for Employers | United Concordia

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions from employers with United Concordia Dental insurance


Q. How do I complete my eBill enrollment?


Q. Why can’t I see my invoice or why does it appear I do not have a balance when I know I do?


Q. How do I find the roster within my invoice?


Q. Why am I getting an annual certification email and how do I certify our users?


Q. How do I set up a recurring payment?


Q. How do I manage enrollment and pay my bill online?


Q. How do I get access to the Account Management Portal (AMP)?


Q. How can I register if I accidentally deleted, or never received the registration email for the Account Management Portal (AMP)?


Q. Do I need to share the Account Management Portal (AMP) "secret key" with other users in my company?


Other useful information

Learn about options for enrolling employees