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Register for Group Administration Portal | United Concordia

Registering for the Group Administration Portal

Step 1 - Designate Portal Administrator and Broker Access

To register for the Group Administration Portal, complete the Group Administration Form and send it to your Sales Representative or Account Manager. The form must be completed by the group Policy Maker, which is the person who can sign legal documents on the group’s behalf.

Group Admin Guide for Portal Administrators pdf icon

Group Admin Guide for Portal Users pdf icon

These PDFs will provide you with detailed registration information and an overview of the Group Administration Portal.

View the Group Administration Portal Flyer pdf icon.

Step 2 - Registration Email Sent to Portal Administrator

Once we receive the completed Group Administration Form, the Portal Administrator will receive an email and link to obtain an activation code (good for 30 minutes once generated).

Step 3 - Activating Access

After entering the activation code on the Registration page, the Portal Administrator will be prompted select a username, password and log in. Additional users included on the Group Administration Form will receive their registration emails once the Portal Administrator has completed registration.

Step 4 - Adding Users

Once registered, the Portal Administrator can add additional users to the account.

Get Started Today!

Contact us at 1-888-320-3316, option 4, to get started with the Group Administration Portal.