Employer Toolkit

Materials for your employees

Connecting your employees to a life of better overall health through oral wellness is our primary goal. This toolkit provides resources to increase employee oral health and give you the tools necessary to save time and money.

Individual toolkit components are available below.

Member Toolkit

Resources for Oral Health

Chomper Chums® Coloring Materials

Help your employees entertain their children while they learn about oral health.

Coloring Book
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Coloring Page
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Chomper Chums Coloring Materials


Sugar In Drinks Flyer

Limiting the amount of sugary drinks consumed can improve oral health.
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My Dental Assessment

This two-minute online tool identifies risks and shows how lifestyle factors and medical conditions impact oral health.

Dental Assessment

Resources to Administer Benefits

Account Management

Most benefit inquiries can be handled conveniently online. Our Account Management Portal can ease the process of enrollment, account management, and billing.

Account Management Portal

Get 24/7 access to billing information as well as quick and easy payment options.

Helpful Contacts

Have questions or need assistance? Find help fast with this handy contact list.

Email Templates

Use these emails to encourage your employees to get the most from their dental benefits and maintain good oral health. Simply cut and paste from the Word Document templates into a new message in Microsoft Outlook, or create your own email and add the PDF file as an attachment.

Smile for Health-Wellness® Email

For groups who have Smile for Health – Wellness®, explains the advantages of the program and shows eligible employees how to self-register to receive their improved benefits.

Signup for My Dental Benefits Email

Encourages your employees to create a My Dental Benefits account.