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Employer Toolkit | United Concordia

Employer Toolkit

Materials for your employees

Connecting your employees to a life of better overall health through oral wellness is our primary goal. Below are resources to increase employee oral health and give you the tools necessary to save time and money.

Manage your benefits anywhere, anytime. My Dental Benefits

MyDentalBenefits is our self-service tool your employees can use to find a dentist, learn about oral health and wellness, access benefits and claim information and get a virtual ID card. Encourage your employees to create an account.

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Is your oral health at risk? My Dental Assessment

My Dental Assessment is an online tool your employees can use to identify risks and see how lifestyle factors and medical conditions impact their oral health.

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Benefits Bridge

Benefits Bridge is our blog which offers valuable content to help you manage and understand benefits, with sharable resources to help employees stay healthy and productive.

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Chomper Chums

Chomper Chums® is a colorful, animated app featuring three lovable animal characters—a lion, a horse and an alligator— who team up to make brushing, flossing and rinsing a super fun game while teaching kids proper oral health!

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Maximize your benefits. Preventive Incentive

Preventive Incentive is an add-on rider that allows Class I Diagnostic and Preventive services (such as cleanings, exams, x-rays and sealants) to not count toward an annual maximum.

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Smile for Health Wellness

Smile for Health Wellness® is an add-on rider that provides coverage for periodontal disease treatment and maintenance for certain chronic conditions. Share this with your employees if you currently have this on your plan.

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Have a Question for Us?

Employer Contact List PDF icon
United Concordia contact information for your Employer questions


Educate Your Employees

Share our easy-to-use tools with your employees so that they can better understand their benefits and more.

Teledentistry During COVID-19 Flyer PDF icon
Dental emergencies can happen when you least expect it. Learn how to seek care from the safety of your home during COVID-19.

Network Dentists Flyer PDF icon
Are your employees wondering how they can save money by going to a network dentist? Network dentists agree to accept United Concordia’s discounted fees as payment in full for covered services.

Predetermination Flyer PDF icon
Save time and confusion by understanding what procedures will or won’t be covered prior to receiving services.

Dental X-Rays Flyer PDF icon
Educate your employees about the different types of dental x-rays and how to avoid overexposure to radiation.

Radiation Safety and Bitewing Radiographs (X-Rays) Flyer PDF icon
Get in-depth information on United Concordia’s coverage policies for bitewing x-rays, including how they follow FDA guidelines designed to limit an individual’s total exposure to radiation.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System Member User Guide PDF icon
Our IVR system is available 24/7 for your employees to access their dental information including claim status, benefit coverage, provider directories and more!

Understanding Your EOB PDF icon
This guide breaks down the EOB section by section, and explains the dental insurance terminology members need to know.


Oral Health Employee Newsletters

Send these newsletters out monthly to remind your employees about oral health and how it can impact the overall health of their body.

Oral health habits to boost your wellness PDF icon

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Halloween Candy PDF icon

Maximize Your Benefits PDF icon

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Never let your lips go naked PDF icon

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Brush Up, Fight Cavities PDF icon

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Holiday eating habits to save your teeth! PDF icon

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