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Oral Wellness Consultants | United Concordia

Oral Wellness Consultants

A unique offering to help employees get the most from their dental insurance


Let’s face it: Dental benefits can be confusing, and your employees may not fully understand the oral-systemic connection — that the condition of the mouth can impact the health of the body as a whole. Because of this, we’ve hired a team of experts who are focused on the health of your employees and work to simplify the dental insurance experience.


WATCH: About Our Oral Wellness Consultants


What are Oral Wellness Consultants?

With United Concordia Dental, employers now have direct access to Oral Wellness Consultants. Somewhat similar to health coaches in the medical insurance industry, our Oral Wellness Consultants specialize in dental insurance and are experts in all things oral health. They’re here to help your employees make healthier choices and show them how they can use their dental benefits to do so.


Specific Offerings

Our Oral Wellness Consultants provide a range of services to improve engagement, education and wellness among United Concordia members. We welcome current clients to contact their account representatives about the following offerings:

All clients:

  • Interactive webinars on oral health and benefits education
  • My Dental Benefits training sessions
  • Behavior-change initiatives
  • Employee incentive programs
  • Dental health risk assessments
  • A range of educational materials to suit your company’s needs

Large groups:

  • Customized enrollment sessions
  • On-site meetings, lunch & learns and education seminars
  • Representation at benefits fairs and other employee events

Smile for Health® - Wellness clients:

  • Ongoing efforts to raise awareness and increase usage of the Smile for Health® - Wellness benefit enhancement, designed to lower the lifetime cost of care by covering additional periodontal services for members who have certain chronic health conditions or are pregnant
  • Coordination with employer’s medical carrier to activate increased benefits from medical claims history and measure success and long-term cost savings
  • Collaboration with other areas of the employer’s overall wellness program

Our Oral Wellness Consultants are here to show our members that making smart dental choices contributes to a healthy mouth, a healthy body, and a healthy life.


To learn more or request assistance from an Oral Wellness Consultant: