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Helping You Stay Safe during COVID-19




Dentist’s offices have started to reopen. Here’s why you can feel comfortable going.


During these uncertain times, you want to feel confident that you’re receiving dental care in a safe environment. It’s reassuring to know that dentists will now use special personal protective equipment (PPE) for every dental visit.

This high level of PPE wasn’t required before the pandemic – but the CDC, OSHA and the American Dental Association recommend new infection control guidelines designed to help keep you, your dentist and the office staff safe.

On top of strict disinfecting processes, dentists and dental hygienists may wear respirators, face shields and caps, plus use special equipment during procedures to help prevent contamination. Even you as a patient may be given PPE to help keep you safe, such as a gown, mask and protective eyewear. So you can feel secure getting back to the quality dental care you need to stay healthy.


About the COVID-19 Vaccine

There’s a lot of news out there around the COVID-19 vaccine. Like when it’s rolling out, and who is eligible for it. Get helpful insights from Highmark, our parent company.


No cost for PPE at In-Network Dentists

United Concordia was one of the first dental insurers to help reimburse dentists for the cost of the extra personal protective equipment (PPE) needed during COVID-19. Thanks to an arrangement with a third-party supplier, we are continuing this much-needed support by offering our in-network dentists a pre-negotiated discount on all PPE.

This discount, combined with other measures, gives our in-network dentists the ability to obtain the variety of PPE they need to deliver high-quality care at no added PPE cost to our members.

Practice good oral care at home

Now more than ever, it’s important to stay on top of your oral hygiene.

Remember that your oral health impacts the health of your whole body. Brushing and flossing regularly helps to reduce your risk of cavities and gum disease. If left untreated, gum can affect more than just your mouth – it’s been linked to serious issues like diabetes and heart disease.

Though gum disease is a common condition, it’s easily preventable with a proper oral care routine. Check out our resources designed to help you keep your mouth healthy at home.

What to do for dental emergencies

If your dentist’s office hasn’t reopened and you need urgent or emergency dental care, United Concordia covers teledentistry services.

During a teledentistry visit, you share a picture or video of your problem with the dentist, who will evaluate your condition and advise what to do next.

If you need help finding a dentist who offers teledentistry visits, call us at (800) 332-0366.

Learn about teledentistry

New ways to help grieving children

Since 1997, the Highmark Caring Place has offered help and hope to children and families who have lost loved ones. Since the COVID-19 pandemic necessitates social distancing, the Caring Place has created new alternatives to its in-person support groups and other programs. Learn more about grief support services made possible through our parent company.

Supporting our communities

Many families are struggling with food insecurity during this time. Lost jobs makes it hard to put meals on the table, and children have lost access to free breakfast and lunch programs at schools. It’s why we’ve donated to food banks across the nation, helping to provide over 360,000 meals for those in need. We’re proud to support the health and well-being of the communities in which we serve.

Read more about United Concordia’s charitable giving

Let us help

Our customer service team is working - safely from home - to support your dental care needs.

Whether you need help finding a dentist, setting up a virtual dental visit, or understanding if a dental procedure is essential, call (800) 332-0366.

While this situation is ever changing, one thing remains constant: our focus is on your oral health and well-being.