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Continued Coverage for Members in Impacted Communities

California – Butte, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties


Due to the impact of the Camp, Hill and Woolsey fires, Acting California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency in Butte, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Our hearts are with the people who have been impacted by these wildfires.

As always, we are committed to making it easy for our members, dentists, clients and producers to address their dental insurance needs during this time.

If you’re a member or a dentist who has been affected by the wildfires, please call Customer Service to find the help you need.

If you’re a client or producer, please contact your United Concordia Dental account representative.

Customer Service: 1-800-332-0366

Illinois – Christian County


Due to heavy storms, the Governor of Illinois has declared Christian County a state of disaster area.

United Concordia Dental has relaxed some restrictions to ensure that customers in this county can continue to get the dental coverage they need during recovery efforts.

We’ll freeze policy cancellations for members in Christian County who are unable to pay premiums from November 23, 2018 to January 23, 2019. If you’ve already received a notice, your policy will be reinstated with no lapse in coverage.

Any other policy provisions or requirements that specify time limits for submitting claims or proof of loss, reporting information, and submitting bills or payments, will be extended 60 days from the date required in the policy. For information about the status of your policy, or if you need additional time to pay premiums or comply with the time limits of other policy provisions, contact Customer Service.

If you’ve been displaced by the flood and are having difficulty accessing services from a network dentist, call Customer Service for help finding other arrangements.

To file a complaint about a disaster-related issue, call the Illinois Department of Insurance’s complaint hotline at 1-866-445-5364.

File a complaint online

Customer Service: 1-800-332-0366