Understanding United Concordia iDental plans


An easy guide to our dental coverage for individuals and families


Need a dental plan that fits your oral health needs and your budget? Don’t have coverage through your employer?

Introducing iDental Plans from United Concordia. Perfect for individuals, college students, self-employed, young families or anyone looking for affordable dental insurance.


What is iDental?

iDental is an innovative lineup of five, flexible United Concordia individual dental insurance plans.  iDental offers real insurance options backed by a 40-year leader in quality dental coverage.


How iDental works

It’s simple. Just pick an iDental plan based on your oral health needs. That way, you’re not forced to buy insurance for dental services you may never use. This saves you money while simplifying your coverage! And iDental also makes life easier by providing:

  • Plans with no waiting periods: Many of our plans offer immediately coverage for preventive and diagnostic services
  • Access to the Advantage Plus network: Our large dental network with more than 175,000 access points
  • iDental mobile app: Easy access to your plan on iPhone®, iPad® or Android®
  • Award-winning customer service: Friendly folk who want to help you get the most out of your individual dental plan

Plus, we negotiate fees with our network dentists up front. This means they can’t bill you for any more than what they’ve already agreed to with us. Now you don’t have to skimp on good oral care anymore because of cost.


What does iDental cover?

Most iDental plans cover 100% of routine care such as:

And iDental can dramatically lower your costs for more complex procedures, such as fillings and crowns.


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How does iDental billing work?

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