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Make Brushing Fun with Chomper Chums Toothbrush Game

Chomper Chums® Mobile App Makes Brushing fun!

Chomper Chums® is a colorful, animated app featuring three lovable animal characters—a lion, a horse and an alligator— who team up to make brushing, flossing and rinsing a super fun game!

Watch Our 30-Second Video

Check out a quick video about our children’s brushing app and see how Chomper Chums® can help make teeth brushing fun for children!

iCon: Apps & Information Architecture Award 2013

United Concordia’s mobile app, Chomper Chums®, recently won the iCon: Apps & Information Architecture Award from The Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC).
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Your child will be excited to brush

No more nagging! When your child brushes, they’ll earn digital coins to buy food for their animal. The healthier the food, the healthier their animal becomes. They’ll see why the right food choices help their animal grow and how to make healthier choices for themselves.

Download Chomper Chums® today!

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