Innovative Solutions

Innovative plan designs offer unique options that differ from traditional dental benefits and focus on oral wellness, member choice and reducing overall costs.

Available Options


UCElect is an innovative take on a traditional PPO Dental Plan design and offers employers a competitive dual choice product that provides member selection and employer flexibility.

  • Benefits
  • Provides coverage for preventive, diagnostic, basic and major services
  • Choice of variable annual maximum
  • All plans include Preventive Incentive
  • Features
  • Four pre-set choices of plan combinations
  • Same price for all plans
  • Members choose plan that fits their needs

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Healthy Stages

The Healthy Stages plan is a unique dental benefits solution designed for people who have a history of good oral health.

  • Benefits
  • Members save money or don’t have to pay for exams, cleanings or x-rays
  • Predicitable oral care services by age
  • Members can use dental benefits immediately
  • Features
  • Full coverage for preventive services
  • Age-specific benefits for common oral care services:
      Under Age 16
  • No waiting period

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Pregnancy Benefit

The Pregnancy Benefit is improved dental coverage for women during their pregnancy that provides benefits for an additional preventive and periodontal service to treat gum disease. It also includes email outreach.

  • Benefits
  • Improved benefits to help make periodontal services more affordable
  • Increased awareness and education about good oral care habits and their positive effect on oral health
  • Features
  • Full coverage for one additional dental cleaning during pregnancy
  • Full coverage for one additional periodontal service during pregnancy
  • Email outreach
  • No waiting periods

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Smile for Health®—Wellness (add-on)

Smile for Health®—Wellness is a simple addition to your dental plan that provides coverage for periodontal disease treatment and maintenance for people with certain chronic conditions.

  • Benefits
  • Improved benefits to help make periodontal services more affordable
  • Increased awareness of good oral care habits that lead to positive behavior change
  • Seamless, automatic process to register employees without the hassle of prompting registration
  • Features
  • Full coverage for periodontal services, including surgical procedures for those with certain chronic conditions
  • Email outreach designed to educate and engage members to take control of their oral health
  • Client-directed exchange of medical-dental information to identify employees with qualifying conditions to activate their plan benefits

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Preventive Incentive (add-on)

Preventive Incentive is a way employees can get more out of their dental benefits.

  • Benefits
  • Promotes good oral health
  • Can reduce out-of-pocket costs
  • Members receive the benefit automatically- no extra steps to enroll
  • Features
  • Easy to understand benefit design
  • No waiting period- benefits are available from day one
  • Benefit dollars can be put toward other covered services outside of preventive care

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