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Concordia Plus - United Concordia Dental

Concordia Plus

Concordia Plus plan puts emphasis on prevention, early diagnosis and treatment and is an effective way for employers to offer a low cost, high value dental plan. Riders and Add-ons cannot be combined with this plan. Our DHMO allows employees to have care starting day one and all year with no calendar year maximums. Our DHMO works well as a dual option or as a stand-alone dental plan and allows employers to continue to provide a dental benefit, while allowing flexibly in design to minimize cost and maximize benefits.


Network Access

Our DHMOs are uniquely designed to fit the regions** they are offered in. Employees choose a PDO from the Concordia Plus Network to receive all care for as long as they are enrolled in the DHMO plan.



  • Puts emphasis on prevention, early diagnosis and treatment
  • Primary dentists coordinate all care including specialty referrals
  • Ongoing credentialing, professional oversight, pre-payment and post-payment controls
  • Grievance processing to ensure the highest quality of care
  • Riders and Add-ons cannot be combined with this plan
  • Self-service management and member access



  • Members and dependents can choose their own primary dentist, even if they are in different cities
  • Preventive and diagnostic care is provided at low or no cost
  • Easy access to benefit information online or toll free, 24/7
  • No annual deductibles; No waiting periods; No annual maximums
  • No claim forms to fill out- PDO manages care and claims
  • Copayment schedule provides upfront cost for covered services
  • Design flexibility to minimize cost without having to give up desired benefits
  • Low minimum enrollment requirements
  • Flexibility as a stand-alone and dual-option dental plan


*Not all plans can be designed with a dual option.
**Not all products are available in all areas.