Wellness Features 

Innovative features that promote improved oral health and the health of the entire body


Help your clients improve their bottom line through wellness

Committing to helping improve employees’ health is beneficial to every organization.

  • Healthy employees are typically more productive employees
  • Treating the infection from gum disease can help reduce medical costs


How can your clients start to improve their employees’ health?

A great place to start is by enhancing their dental plan with features specifically designed to encourage employees to get preventive dental care. This can help them ward off more complex issues down the road.


Available Wellness Features


Smile for Health®—Wellness

United Concordia’s landmark Oral Health Study shows that medical costs for people with certain chronic conditions can be reduced if they receive and maintain treatment for gum disease. That’s why we developed Smile for Health®—Wellness, a dental wellness program that provides enhanced coverage and targeted education for people with certain chronic medical conditions.


Annual Maximum Options

We offer a variety of options for annual maximums that encourage members to get preventive care. There is a fit for every group, from not counting preventive services against the annual maximum to rolling over unused benefit dollars to the next plan year if a member receives a cleaning.



Clients who are adding vision coverage to their United Concordia dental plan can save time from the simplified administration of two types of coverage from one insurer. UCVision offers savings on a range of vision services and is backed by a large, national network of vision providers.


Maternity Benefit

Research shows that poor oral health is linked to premature and low-birthweight babies, so the benefits of regular dental checkups are clear. That’s why United Concordia helps reduce the risk by offering a maternity benefit that covers an additional cleaning during pregnancy.


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